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Car Scent - Freshies

Car Scent - Freshies


Your car is about to get an upgrade with one of our BEST SELLING car freshies! 


LEATHER & LACE - Classic blend of vanilla and leather!

LEATHER  - Nothing beats this classic scent.  A favorite among men too!

PINK SUGAR - A nostalgic sugary blend of vanilla, caramel & cotton candy notes.

VOLCANO - Tropical fruits, sugared citrus, & light exotic greens!

LAUNDRY DAY - A gentle breeze & clean linens fresh from the dryer.

BETH (DUTTON) - This is a custom blend made specially by SMTX.  Beth is a Tom Ford Cologne type with a hint of coconut. It is a gorgeous fragrance.

*FIERCE - Abercrombie inspired, loved by guys and girls!

*PERFECT MAN - fresh notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon; The middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, jasmine, aquatic marine notes, and a hint of peppermint; with base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense


Shapes & colors vary.
*Men's car freshies are matte finish and have a metal copenhagen decoration on the front. ;)


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